5 things to know about Colerain gender reveal mass shooting

5 things to know about Colerain gender reveal mass shooting

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Police now believe a female shooting victim at a July 8 gender reveal party in the 9900 block of Capstan Drive, Colerain Twp., Hamilton County, lied about being pregnant and losing her baby after being shot.

Colerain Twp. police said Monday investigators now believe that a woman shot at a gender reveal party on July 8 lied about being pregnant and losing her unborn child.

The unsolved mass shooting in the 9900 block of Capstan Drive left one woman dead and eight others injured, including three children.

Here are five things to know about the shooting:

Indiana woman dies: Autum Garrett, 22, of Huntington, Ind., suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died before first responders arrived on the scene. No arrests have been made in connection to the shootings and a motive hasn’t been discovered.

Words from those inside: A 9-1-1 call and subsequent witness statements say two shooters walked in the home and fired shots at the guests who were watching television.

Police say one victim lied: Officers now believe Cheyanne Willis, who was shot in the leg at a shower in her unborn baby’s honor, was not pregnant at the time. Colerain Twp. police said they would defer to the prosecutor for potential charges against Willis.

False info slows investigation: Colerain Twp. police say that witnesses in the home during the shooting have been reluctant to cooperate and have provided false information.

Reward could help: An anonymous donor has put up $10,000 leading to the arrest of people involved in the shooting.

A text-only tip line has been added, 513-470-7165, in an attempt to bring in more information. Callers can still provide information at 513-352-3040 or 513-321-COPS.

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