Here are the new foods coming to Kings Island

Kings Island’s bevy of new restaurants and dishes are about to take your tastebuds on a ride.

We just got a sneak peek at new foods around the park, including the new Coney Bar B Que restaurant.

Here are the new food items you will be devouring in the 2018 season.

1. Coney Bar B Que 

The new fast-casual dining location offers a plethora of options, including St. Louis-style ribs, smoked tri-tip barbecue beef, riblets, pulled pork, rotisserie chicken and Queen City Sausage, along with a selection of side dishes, including corn on the cob, hush puppies, mac-n-cheese, cole slaw, french fries, salads and collard greens.

Monthly specials will include everything from smoked short ribs to pastrami.

“It’s another addition to the park to build memories,” said James Major, Kings Island’s new executive chef.

The new gluten-free restaurant, which is included in the park’s dining plans, will keep churning out food from the kitchen to mini-Dutch ovens to keep each item fresh and piping hot.

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2. Smoked turkey legs and more 

Let’s Talk Turkey, a new dining area that debuted during the return of WinterFest with massive smoked turkey legs, is expanding.

Located right off International Street, Let’s Talk Turkey offers two new items: Korean turkey meatballs and turkey bacon on a stick.

3. Tacos, nachos and unique churros

Dining areas introduced by Kings Island are refreshing their menus by adding new items to tried-and-true favorites.

Those new items include Three-Strike Taco — a beef brisket taco, crispy chicken taco and pulled pork taco — and Pitcher’s Mound Nachos, grilled chicken wings, Montgomery Inn-style riblets, Saratoga chips and a few new sandwiches (Reds Hall of Fame Grille).

There’s also a double cheeseburger with a variety of options and split hot dogs in a butter bun (Juke Box Diner), churro nuggets in a caramel sauce, raspberry sauce, pecan or sprinkles (Funnel Cakes), plus burritos and quesos (Hank’s Mexican Grill).

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4. Ranch cotton candy? Yes, it’s a thing. 

Think that cotton candy at Kings Island’s Sweet Spot is only the sugary sweet kind found in ball parks and carnivals? Think again.

Starting from opening week, Kings Island will offer its own weekly spin on the taste treat with a Flavor of the Week.

Kicking it all off will be Ranch (April 13), followed by Jalapeno (April 20), Blue Ice Cream & Waffle Cone (April 27), Dragon Fruit (May 4), Butter (May 11), Onion (May 22), Black Licorice & Red Licorice (May 29) and Pancake (June 5).

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