How is wind chill calculated? 


How is wind chill calculated? 

We often talk about wind chills this time of year because it’s an indication of what the temperature feels like.

Friday and Saturday morning the air temperature will fall to the lower 20s, with some outlining areas falling even more. Cold air, combined with even the slightest of breezes, will allow wind chill values to fall into the lower teens. 

Wind chill values are based on the rate of heat loss from exposed skin. As the wind increases, it draws heat away from the body, cooling down the skin and eventually the internal body temperature.

During extreme cold weather evening, if the wind chills reaches 20 below zero, frostbite can set-in on exposed skin in just 30 minutes.  

If you must go outside be sure to cover as much skin as possible to help prevent both frostbite and hypothermia. 

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