In record-breaking chill, residents are asked to care for one another. Here’s how.


In record-breaking chill, residents are asked to care for one another. Here’s how.

Butler County residents woke up to record-breaking frigid weather Tuesday morning, as the thermometer recorded temperatures ranging from minus-5 to minus-10. The frigid weather prompted concern for some of the most vulnerable residents in the county.

The record for the coldest temperature on Jan. 2 is minus-5 degrees, according to meteorologists from Storm Center 7, leaving Tuesday as a new record for the area.

Wind chills are expected to range from minus-10 to minus-25 until early in the afternoon, and a warning was issued to Butler County residents that the wind chills will cause frostbite in as little as 30 minutes to exposed skin.

With meteorologists predicting continued frigid temperatures and very cold wind chills for the rest of the week, the Ohio Department of Aging is asking agencies and residents to ramp up efforts to make sure the elderly are safe during this cold snap.

The agency’s Interim Director Beverley Laubert said it is important to make sure older residents are safe from the bitter cold and have heat working properly in their homes.

“Older adults are at increased risk for complications from conditions including snow, ice, bitter cold and more. Factors like age-related changes and medication side effects can intensify the impact,” Laubert said. “Extremely cold temperatures equal severe weather, and we ask all Ohioans to check on older loved ones, neighbors and friends during this and other severe weather.”

Check on your neighbors

Before, during and after severe winter conditions, check in on older loved ones, friends and neighbors to ensure that they are okay and have the resources they need to remain safe and healthy.

• Do they need medical attention? Have they fallen? Are they staying warm enough? Are they taking their medicines as prescribed?

• Do they have safe food and water? Are they eating and drinking regularly?

• Is the temperature in their home comfortable? Do they have safe means to heat the home if temperatures continue to fall?

• Whom will they call if they need help? Do they have access to a phone that will work without power or landline service?

Be aware that confusion, disorientation and irritability can be symptoms of conditions such as dehydration, stress and fatigue. If someone appears ill or is injured, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Source: The Ohio Dept. of Aging.

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