Vinnedge Avenue project set for this summer in Fairfield


Vinnedge Avenue project set for this summer in Fairfield

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Michael D. Pitman
Vinnedge Avenue is one of four streets that have a deterorating concrete base the city will replace this year. MICHAEL D. PITMAN/STAFF

An overdue road improvement project to be done later this year will shore-up some local roads for at least another 20 years, said Fairfield’s Public Works director.

City Council is set to approve a contract by next month with Adleta Construction for the Vinnedge Avenue Vicinity Improvements Project, which includes improving Vinnedge, Walter, Anthony Wayne and Fairfield avenues just south of Symmes and west of Ohio 4.

The project has been a part of the city’s Capital Improvement Program budget for the past two years. Public Works Director Dave Butsch said these roads are the last ones in the city with a concrete base. City engineer Ben Mann said the roads are showing signs of deterioration.

“If you let that degrade too bad, you have to dig that all out, and it gets expensive,” said Butsch.

The city is set to approve the contract for $661,835 to the Cincinnati-based company to replace deteriorating concrete roads, which are paved with an asphalt overlay, this year. In addition to a 3-inch overlay of asphalt, the project also includes new curbs and driveway work for the residents on these streets, which will be part of the city-paid project.

Council is expected to make $740,000 available as the project cost also includes a 10 percent contingency allowance. Adleta was one of three bidders on the project, but the only offer to be under the engineer’s estimate.

Butsch said the asphalt will help seal the concrete to prevent further deterioration, but it’s not a permanent fix.

“Maybe one day we will have to do it, this will stave it off 20 years plus,” he said.

Council held the legislation to a first reading this past week, and Butsch said approval could be held off until the first council meeting in May.

“There’s no time sensitivity here,” Butsch said. “There was not a need to push it through faster as the contractor isn’t ready to start sooner.”

The project is slated for this summer.

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