Questions remain about fire chief changes in Clearcreek Twp.


Questions remain about fire chief changes in Clearcreek Twp.

Fire Chief Bob Kidd was open to retirement as part of an agreement ending his time on paid administrative leave with Clearcreek Twp., according to a letter he sent to the township administrator.

But a review of records provided by the township in response to a request to review Kidd’s personnel file - and an interview with Kidd - failed to reveal what prompted him to be placed on administrative leave on June 20.

“They never told me what it was about or anything else,” Kidd said Friday in a telephone interview.

Trustee Jason Gabbard referred questions about the leave to Township Administrator Jack Cameron who again declined to say why Kidd was on paid administrative leave on June 20.

The newspaper has requested additional records from the township in hopes of clearing up the mystery.

In a July 1 letter to Cameron, Kidd outlines the terms under which he would consider retiring, including the opportunity to take all his unused vacation and sick time “to find another job”, keep his helmet and badge, and leave with a favorable letter of recommendation.

“Finally, as my status has been in the papers, we need to either have a non-disclosure agreement or agree upon a joint statement to the media,” Kidd said in the letter.

The letter was apparently the only record in a thick file released by the township related to Kidd’s recent work status.

Before needing to use sick leave or vacation, Kidd, who earns $99,189 a year, will remain on staff in an advisory role through the end of the year, according to the separation and release agreement approved Wednesday by the township trustees.

Two assistant chiefs will run the department, which handles fire and ambulance calls in Springboro and the township.

Kidd, who also works for Sinclair College, according to personnel records, said the administrative leave had ended when he decided to retire.

“I was eligible. I just decided it was time to go,” Kidd said, while declining to say what his status was at the end of the leave.

Through the end of the year, Kidd said he would be available to help pick his successor and answer other questions about ongoing projects.

“We’re not adversarial,” Kidd said.

Fiscal Officer Linda Oda said she didn’t know what was behind Kidd’s leave, while reiterating statements in a township press release thanking Kidd for his work for the township.

Kidd has been the fire chief since January 2010. In February, Cameron provided him a reference so Kidd could “pursue the Center for Public Safety Excellence’s Chief Fire Officer designation.

Trustee Steve Muterspaw said he could not comment on why Kidd was placed on leave.

Gabbard said there was an ongoing investigation prior to Kidd’s decision to retire, prompting Wednesday’s vote by the trustees to call a special meeting to accept the separation and release agreement.

“This is what was brought to me,” said Gabbard, while referring questions about the aubject of the leave to Cameron. “What I can tell you is Bob Kidd decided to retire.”

Trustees Ed Wade could not be reached.

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