Liberty Twp. fitness studio gives 1-on-1 training on flexible schedule

9:00 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017 West Chester & Liberty Twp

A new Butler County business offers residents health and wellness on their own schedule.

“We’re an unlimited personal training facility, meaning you can come in as many days as you want, as many times a week as you want and you pay one low monthly fee” said Fitness 1o1 owner Ty Singleton, who opened the business this month at 6752 Cincinnati Dayton Road in Liberty Twp. 

Typically, those working with a personal trainer at other fitness facilities pay approximately $30 to $40 per session for the ability to do so, said Singleton, a fitness industry veteran of nearly 20 years.

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The biggest advantage to working out at Fitness 1o1 — which stands for Fitness 1-on-1 — is that “everybody doesn’t do the same workout,” he said.

“A lot of facilities, they have great, kick-butt workouts, don’t get me wrong, but here everybody does a workout based on their fitness goals,” he said. “We might have 10 people training in here at one time, everybody’s doing different things. Nobody will be doing the same thing because everybody has different fitness goals and fitness levels in the different stages of life.”

Access hours of 5 a.m. to noon and 4 to 7:30 p.m. means not having to worry about class schedules, Singleton said. Appointments are available during other hours upon request, he said.

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Fitness 1o1 trainers design a workout plan that fits each person’s goals and current fitness level and modify it as that fitness level changes.

The new business also features a free consultation and individualized programming with a certified nutrition coach.

Pat Griffor, of Mason, said the five other workout places he tried before coming to Fitness 1o1 didn’t provide the same level of impact.

“I’ve had personal trainers who, (their workout) is so complicated, I couldn’t reproduce it on my own because all the new stuff is (centered) around core training and everything else,” Griffor told this media outlet as he worked out at the new business. “Old-timers like me are used to lifting a certain way, you’ve got to retrain our minds, but this is all common-sense stuff, I think.”

For more information, visit or call 513-464-9286.