Fairfield spends $2M for water plant improvements


Fairfield spends $2M for water plant improvements

Fairfield will spend more than $2 million on various water system improvements, including a new building for the department and a generator for the wastewater treatment plant that would help prevent backup into residents’ homes.

The generator project, costing $2.6 million, is being paid for from the sewer replacement and improvement fund, with annual payments of $258,600 to be made over 10 years, according to city documentation. This is part of the city’s 2014-2018 capital improvement program. The city contracted with Duke Energy One, and the generator will be able to power the entirety of the wastewater treatment plant during an outage.

“In the event of a protracted electrical outage, this would protect the watershed from affluent overflow,” said Assistant City Manager Mark Wendling. Councilman Marty Judd elaborated that this generator would help prevent backup in residences in the event of the power outage.

According to the the city’s report on the project, the wastewater treatment plant is powered by a primary and a secondary emergency feed. During the 2008 windstorm by the remnants of Hurricane Ike, both feeds were down for more than 24 hours.

Another project approved by council Monday was the construction of a new biosolids storage building. Also part of the capital improvement program, this $207,204 building will increase the capacity of the plant, allowing for flexibility due to inclement weather, according to the city report.

Finally, council approved the $94,157 in phase two of improvements to the water main on Shearwater Drive. That is one of the older mains in the city and so was included in the capital improvement program. This will construct a water main loop through the Winton Hills subdivision to improve service to the area and to reduce the need to buy water from Greater Cincinnati Water Works during emergencies.

That project is being paid for through a $74,657 Community Development Block Grant and by $19,500 from the water surplus fund.

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