Fairfield Council appoints new First Ward member

5:56 p.m Thursday, May 26, 2016 Local News

Bob Myron has wanted to make a run for Fairfield City Council for quite some time, but he said he just couldn’t give the proper attention he thought the job deserved.

Now, the 74-year-old semi-retired strategic business consultant has that time as he takes over for former Councilman Adam Jones, who resigned his post in April because he moved out of the ward.

“The simple thing is I’ve lived in the First Ward for 40 years, and I thought about running in the past, but between work and doing some consulting, I really haven’t had the time too devote to it the way I’d like,” he said.

Myron was selected over five men who varied in experience — including former elected officials, local volunteers and a current assistant county prosecutor — but his background and experience is what sold the unanimous decision by council, said Councilman Bill Woeste.

“He brings a great deal of wealth of information and experience to the position,” said Woeste. “He was a candidate that brought a lot to the table.”

Myron is the current vice chair of the Fairfield Parks Board and is the parks board’s representative on Fairfield’s Planning Commission. He spent most of his professional career with Mosler Inc. in Hamilton. He retired at the end of 2003 but started his own consulting firm focusing on marketing and sales programs.

Myron said he wants to focus some of his time on city council working with the upcoming parks projects, namely the expansion of Marsh Park and the revitalization of Harbin Park because they are “pretty significant parks in the area.”

He also wants to use his professional experience, focusing on attracting more businesses to the city and working to retain existing businesses.

Councilman Craig Keller said Myron is a new face on council who can provide a different perspective.

“We had a good list of candidates. I think any of them would have done a nice job, but I think Bob stood out more than the rest,” he said. “He’s had the experience, he’s been in Fairfield a long time, he knows Fairfield and I think a lot of people know Bob.”

Myron is expected to be sworn into office on May 31 and assume his full responsibilities as the First Ward City Councilman on June 1.