Pregnant mom pleads guilty to Percocet robbery at Middletown CVS

Pregnant mom pleads guilty to Percocet robbery at Middletown CVS

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Bethany Scott plead guilty May 11 in Butler County Common Pleas Court for the robbery of a Middletown CVS pharmacy in January. NICK GRAHAM/STAFF

A Middletown woman has admitted guilt in the January robbery of a CVS pharmacy, where she got away with 2,000 Percocet pills.

Bethany Scott, 26, of the 200 block of Woodlawn Avenue, pleaded guilty Thursday to robbery and aggravated possession of drugs in Butler County Common Pleas Court.

She faces up to 11 years in prison. Judge Jennifer McElfresh set sentencing for June 15.

Scott, wearing a mask and holding a fake gun, walked into the Breiel Boulevard store on Jan. 30 and told the pharmacist, “Give me all the Percocets and no one will get hurt,” according to prosecutors and Middletown police.

A search of her residence one day later turned up 1,600 of the pills and cash.

In April, Scott, asked McElfresh to reduce her $200,000 bond and release her from the Butler County Jail on her own recognizance due to her pregnancy.

Scott said she had difficult pregnancies in the past and she was concerned about the cleanliness of the jail and if staff could get her to the hospital on time if her baby had to be delivered by C-section.

Sheriff’s office officials testified they had medical staff available to respond to emergencies. Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer said the jail has six to eight pregnant inmates at any given time and they are experienced with providing care.

McElfresh denied lowering of bond, noting it was revealed Scott continued to use Percocet and Xanax prior to and during her pregnancy.

After pleading guilty, Scott again asked that her bond be reduced so that she could spend time with her young children. Again, McElfresh denied her request.

The CVS pharmacy in Middletown and other drug stores in the region have been hit by robberies in the first few months of the year. Last week, federal indictments were handed down for suspects in some of the Middletown robberies, but police told the Journal-News that Scott is not tied to those crime sprees.

“She wasn’t a part of it,” said Middletown Lt. Scott Reeve. “She’s local and the robbery was different. Just an addict.”

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