Hurricane Florence: Evacuating a horse? This site can help you find a stable

Families are under evacuation orders ahead of Hurricane Florence, and that means taking their pets, too. But when your pet is a horse, things get a bit more difficult.

WSB-TV's Wendy Corona met with a woman who is stepping in to make it easier.

"If someone had two horses and brought them, they could go here," co-creator Jenny Fudge said as she showed WSB-TV the paddocks where she could take in horses that needed to get out of the path of Hurricane Florence.

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“The travel situation is complicated, and the sooner they can get out, the better,” Fudge said.

Imagine moving a 1,000-pound horse into a 6-foot by 7-foot trailer, only half of which isn't even an arm’s length wide. That becomes a stressful situation for an animal not used to traveling.

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Then throw in the traffic and the heat of the road, and it becomes stressful for the owner as well as the animal.

From that was born, a site that lists stables along the East Coast, now with a special filter listing where hurricane evacuees are welcome.

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“You just go on there and type the city you're looking for, and it will bring up a bunch of stables,” Fudge said.

The goal: less stress for a horse confined in a trailer and dealing with a possibly dangerous situation.

“They can stop drinking, which can later lead to colic, which can potentially lead to death,” Fudge said.

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Through the website, horse owners who need to evacuate can better plan their escape and get their horses back to their natural environment.

If you have a pasture or stable space, you can also add it to It's easy to use and already seeing double its normal traffic due to Hurricane Florence.

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