3-D printed gun, other odd weapons confiscated by TSA in August

The Transportation Safety Administration found some weird things at airport security checkpoints in August.

A review of the TSA's blog posts for August shows a variety of strange weapons — in addition to more than 300 firearms — confiscated from travelers around the country.

The TSA posts weekly updates on its blog with details on how many firearms were confiscated at airport security checkpoints, if the firearm was loaded and if there was a round chambered.

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But the blog posts also include information on other weapons, including knives, that have shown up in travelers’ carry-on luggage that week.

One August post included a photo of a cane that pulled apart to reveal a sword. It was “discovered in a traveler’s carry-on property” at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, according to the blog.

TSA screeners at Charlottesville Albemarle Airport in Charlottesville, Virginia, found a “batarang” — a nearly foot-long, sharp-edged, winged object inspired by Batman — in one person’s bag.

In each blog post, the TSA cautions travelers that they cannot carry firearms or ammunition onto a plane. Passengers found with firearms in their carry-ons could face a fine up to $11,000, a ticket and possibly jail time.

However, ammunition can be packed in a checked bag. Travelers also can transport firearms in checked bags, but the traveler first has to let the airline know they are checking a weapon, the TSA said.

Here are a few other items of note travelers tried to carry through security checkpoints last month:

• A firearm assembled with parts from a 3-D printer, found at Reno-Tahoe International Airport in Nevada. The TSA notes the gun, a revolver, was loaded with live ammunition.

• A knife concealed in a pill bottle, found at San Francisco International Airport in California.

• A throwing star, found at Billings Logan International Airport in Montana.

• A set of throwing knives, found at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina.

• A machete, found at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

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