8-year-old barber making a name for himself one client at a time

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

8-Year-Old Barber Making A Name For Himself One Client At A Time

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Quinelius Jones has been watching his dad cut hair and now he is giving the scissors a try.

We caught up with Quinelius and his father Quintin Patrick, who explained to us why this is such a unique opportunity for him.

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Quinelius, or Scooby, has been cutting hair since he was just 4.

For being so young, Quinelius already cuts hair like a pro. He isn't a certified barber, but his father is. He told us his son is a quick learner.

“By the time he gets to 12, he is going to be at the level I’m at now,” said Patrick.

Quintin Patrick is one of the main barbers at Dasol Barbershop located off of Mount Moriah.

He's cut hair for two decades and he noticed his son's interest in the craft when he was just six years old.

“That’s when I was really like trusting him. Okay, let me put these clippers in your hand and see what you can really do,” said the father.

Not only is the child a natural, he also knows his tools and how they work.

“I use these to even all over and get the line out of the hair,” said the 8-year-old.

Patrick has posted several videos of his son on Instagram and they're going viral.

These videos have gotten so big, it's caught the attention of celebrities like Steve Harvey.

“She's like, ‘Hi I’m from The Steve Harvey Show. We are amazed at what your son is doing and we would love to have him on,’” said the proud father.

A producer from The Steve Harvey Show reached out to Patrick in late July about his son appearing on the show.

Quinelius is set to be on August 31st to showcase his talents.

His dad sees this as an opportunity for his son to be a positive role model to other kids in Memphis.

“I think he can teach them without knowing he teaching them. Just like I was teaching him without knowing I was teaching him,” said Patrick.

"I’m going to do a good job on The Steve Harvey Show and make my city proud,” said Quinelius Jones.

At 8 years old, Quinelius is still too young to be a professional barber, but if you request him, he's always eager to give someone ‘a quick chop.’

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