Uber will give you $2 if it makes you late

(Photo by Martin Ollman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Martin Ollman/Getty Images)

Uber is guaranteeing to get users to their destinations on time with uberPOOL.

If not, the ride-sharing service will give you $2.

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uberPOOL is the transportation company's carpool option. It matches those requesting a ride with others who are traveling in the same direction to the same location or locations close by.

Uber announced "Arrive By" in a Tuesday blog post. It is a new feature on uberPOOL that guarantees that users will arrive at their destinations before the quoted time, or they will get $2 off their next uberPOOL trip.

"The time that we show you is a fairly conservative one," uberPOOL senior product manager Brian Tolkin told Tech Insider. "The vast majority of the time you'll get there earlier."

The feature is launching first in Los Angeles.

Eventually, the "Arrive By" guarantee will expand to all cities where Uber Pool is available.