'We don't change': Pink shares uplifting message to daughter in VMA acceptance speech

Credit: Frazer Harrison

Credit: Frazer Harrison

Singer Pink shared an emotional story about her daughter, Willow, and the meaning of beauty as she accepted the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

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Ahead of her acceptance speech, Pink blew the audience away with a mash-up performance of her hit songs. The high-energy routine brought down the house, earning her a standing ovation.

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Afterward, actress and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres presented Pink with the award. She said that Pink asked her to present her with the award because Cher was unavailable.

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She praised Pink, a friend, as “the most incredible performer,” and said she was honored to have been asked to present the singer with the award.

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“Then I realized it was the season finale of ‘Game of Thrones’ so I hope we are recording it,” DeGeneres said before listing Pink’s achievements, both in and out of the recording studio.

DeGeneres welcomed Pink onstage, where the singer promptly broke her Moon Person.

Pink started her speech by sharing a moment from her daughter Willow’s life. Her daughter recently told her that she felt like “the ugliest girl at school” because “she looked like a boy with long hair,” she said.

The singer told the audience that she explained to Willow that she has also been told she looks like a boy, but that hasn’t stopped her from selling out arenas and having amazing success.

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“So, baby girl, we don’t change. We take the gravel in the shell and we make a pearl, and we help other people change so they can see all kinds of beauty,” Pink said before thanking fellow artists. “Keep shining for the rest of us to see. And, you, my darling little girl, are beautiful.”

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