Only ONE Dayton-area McDonald’s will have the ‘Rick & Morty’-inspired Szechuan sauce for one day only

McDonald’s today announced the one Dayton-area restaurant that will offer its famous – or perhaps infamous – Szechuan Sauce.

In a promotion to help introduce the fast-food chain's new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders menu item, McDonald's said the Szechuan sauce will be available at its restaurant at 2853 Centre Drive across from Wright State University in Fairborn, starting at 2 p.m. this Saturday, Oct. 7.

What’s the big deal about this one-time-only, one-day only, limited-edition Szechuan sauce? Rick and Morty, a popular Adult Swim TV show, made a joke on April Fools Day about McDonald’s bringing back Szechuan sauce, and McDonald’s customers went apoplectic on social media.

So the fast-food chain decided to play along. Customers won't be able to go through the drive-through for the coveted Szechuan sauce – they'll have to dine in.

The Fairborn location also will be giving away very small quantities of hand-numbered, screen-printed posters for all of McDonald’s sauces – including Szechuan sauce.

Six other Dayton-area McDonald’s also will offer the free posters – but will NOT be offering the Szechuan sauce itself, which will be available only at the WSU location. The posters will be extremely limited. The additional locations are:

  • 530 E. National Rd., Vandalia
  • 2901 Wilmington Pike, Kettering
  • 1570 Miamisburg Centerville Rd east of the Dayton Mall
  • 410 W. National Rd., Englewood
  • 40 Triggs Road., Brookville
  • 1376 Bellefontaine St., Wapakoneta

Customers can’t go through the drive-thru for the beloved sauce -- they have to dine in.

Oh…did-did you guys want this?

😜 Szechuan Sauce…on a poster & maybe your taste buds: only on 10/7. Full deets at


— McDonald's (@McDonalds)

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