Ned Shaurer

Ned Shaurer Rasor, PhD, died from COVID-19 on December 31, 2020. He was born in

Dayton, Ohio, on January 2, 1927, to Floyd Olin Rasor and Anna Belle (Shaurer) Rasor.

He was a physicist who invented thermionic conversion technologies and medical and physical electronic devices. He has a bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering from Ohio State, a masters degree in Physics from University of Illinois, and a PhD in Engineering Physics from Case Western Reserve.

Dr. Rasor employed engineering physics to conceive and develop innovative devices for medical and energy conversion applications. He founded and managed six companies, three of which were medical device companies. The others specialized in research and development in energy conversion for space and nuclear reactor applications. His application of basic science and engineering technologies to problem areas in the medical device and energy conversion areas has resulted in new products and enterprises, over 50 patents, and over 100 professional publications.

Rasor Associates, Inc. was founded and managed by Dr. Rasor for 25 years as its President/CEO. It became an internationally recognized center of excellence in energy conversion R&D, and it initiated and developed new types of medical devices that were spun off as new companies to commercialize the technologies.

Dr. Rasor's personal research in the physics of materials, of surfaces and of gaseous electronics, is recognized internationally as seminal in those areas. He led and participated in major domestic and multinational R&D projects based on his

research and inventions. His innovations in cardiac pacemaker technology, in microbubble ultrasonic diagnostics, in gaseous infusion therapy, and in airway devices resulted in creation of new medical device companies and products based on his


In his 80's until his death, he was exploring astrophysics in the area of dark matter and gravity recently publishing seven peer-reviewed journal articles.

Ned was married to Genevieve Mercia Rasor, Homemaker and Entrepreneur for 74 years. They have two daughters, Julia

Suzanne Rasor, MS, Medical Device Innovator, Entrepreneur and Sculptor, and Dina Lynn Rasor, Investigative Reporter and Author. Ned was an incredible husband and father who,

despite his professional achievements, always found time for his family. Ned and Genny lived in various places in the country and Germany while raising their daughters but spent the most time in California. He is also survived by his son-in-law, Dr. Thomas Lawson, husband of Dina Rasor. Ned and Genny have four grandsons, Grant Davis Rasor-Thompson, Daniel

Andrew Rasor Lawson, Victor Ned Rasor married to Sarah Rasor, and Nicholas James Rasor Lawson. He was preceded in death by his parents and his sister, Ivolue Rasor Moore.

The family would like to thank Ned's honorary daughters, Janet Michaelis and Jamie Maynard for their love over the years and how much they helped Ned in his older years.

He is buried in David's Cemetery in Kettering, Ohio. There will be a major memorial service for him in the spring/summer so as not to infect others with the disease that ended his life.