You're it: Woman flies 4,000 miles to 'tag' friend in epic game

A woman flew more than 4,000 miles to "tag" her friend at a wedding in Scotland.
A woman flew more than 4,000 miles to "tag" her friend at a wedding in Scotland.

Credit: Jack Taylor

Credit: Jack Taylor

Drew McEwan was at his niece's baptism in southern Scotland on Sunday, when, in the middle of a family photography session, his longtime friend surprised him and immediately ran away.

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"Sorry Drewbs, you are now. ... it," said Georgina Wilkinson, who hails from North Carolina but met McEwan years ago in China.

For the past four years, McEwan, Wilkinson and their eight friends have been playing an epic game of international tag, according to the Daily Record.

The photographer, who was in on the prank, convinced McEwan, 31, to ask the gardener lurking in the background -- actually Wilkinson in disguise -- to move out of the shot.

“My brother and sister had been planning it for months with Georgina behind my back,” McEwan told the Daily Record. “I’ve never felt so betrayed by my own flesh and blood.”

The pals didn’t even get a chance to talk. According to the rules of the game, you have to quickly tag and run.

“I was in shock that she’d put so much effort into it. Flying over from America and back in one day is unbelievable. She had to make sure she was home in plenty of time for work on Monday,” McEwan said.

In fact, Wilkinson ran directly to the airport after the epic move, where she caught an eight-hour flight back home, according to the Daily Record.

While Wilkinson's move was totally unexpected, the group of 10 friends, now the subject of an Atlanta-filmed comedy starring Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher and Jeremy Renner, has gone to some crazy lengths to tag each other.

According to the Mirror, "players have jumped out of car boots, sneaked into bedrooms in the dead of night, donned wigs and other disguises." And one friend was even tagged at his father's funeral.

The new movie, appropriately titled “Tag,” was released on June 15 and tells the story of five friends and a “no-holds-barred game of tag.”

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