Wright State releases how much it spent on bonuses, perks

Wright State University on Friday released the dollar amounts for how much it spent in 2017 on bonuses and allowances for cell phones, housing and cars.

The university overspent its fiscal year 2017 budget last year by around $24.6 million, about $6 million or so less than what was originally projected. Bonuses and other job perks added up to $345,762, just a fraction of the overspending, according to documents reviewed by the board of trustees today.

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As part of budget cuts, Wright State slashed certain allowances and travel expenses earlier this year. For example, there are only two people on campus with cell phone allowances now, officials said.

Earlier this year, Wright State trustees slashed $30.8 million from the school’s fiscal year 2018 budget.

Below is a breakdown of how bonuses and allowances were doled out.


Administrative: $84,940 on nine bonuses

Athletics: $16,904 on eight bonuses

Faculty: $76,152 on 11 bonuses

Ratification: $175

Total: $178,172

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Administrative: $59,620 on 12 employees

Athletics: $33,656 on eight employees

Total: $93,276


Administrative: $47,742 on 77 cell phones

Dean: $2,125 on four cell phones

Faculty: $1,300 on two cell phones

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$35,833 on one employee not specified

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