Video shows man rescuing beached dolphin

A man in Walvis Bay, Nambia, was on his way back from a tour Wednesday when he came across a dolphin, but it was not in the water.

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According to a Facebook video posted by Pelican Point Kayaking, Naude Dreyer came across young male Benguela dolphin that was still alive but beached on the sand.

"It's not clear how he ended up on there in the first place," Dreyer, who works at Pelican Point Kayaking as a kayaking guide, wrote. "After a quick assessment and measurements, I attempted to get him swimming again."

He gently picked up the dolphin, placed him in the surf and pushed him out to sea, where it swam into the current.

The waterfront attraction says it has sea kayaking services "amongst seals and dolphins on the protected side of the Pelican Point Peninsula," according to a Facebook description.

Dreyer told Fairfax Media dolphins have been active in the area lately.

"I was just doing what was the right thing to do. I couldn't leave him there," he said.

Watch the rescue below:

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