This is no itsy bitsy spider

If spiders creep you out, this one is going to give you a big scare.
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A photo of a giant Huntsman spider taken in Australia last year has suddenly gone viral. The picture originally was posted last year on the Facebook page of Barnyard Betty's Rescue in Queensland.

The spider was named Charlotte and was released back into the wild last year. The post by a representative of Barnyard Betty’s notes that Charlotte “is very real and not Photoshopped!”
“She was a beautiful, calm spider, not aggressive in any way and like most spiders she just wanted to go about her business eating bugs and living in peace,” the post continues. “She didn’t or doesn’t need to be killed. Poor spiders are so misunderstood!”
According to WWF Global, the average huntsman is about 1 inch long, with a leg span of up to 5 inches. The giant Huntsman however, has a leg span of up to 12 inches and is often described as being the size of a dinner plate.

The Australian Reptile Park said that despite the spider’s huge size , a bite can be painful but will not cause anything more serious than mild nausea or headaches. Occasionally a bite will cause some swelling and pain.
The spider eats a variety of insects, small lizards and frogs. Unlike other spiders, the Huntsman does not capture its prey in a web. Rather, it actively stalks and chases down its meal with stealth and speed, the Australian Reptile Park says on its website. Its fangs are large and powerful and can hold its prey until it is immobilized by the spider’s venom.
Posted by Barnyard Betty's Rescue on Friday, November 4, 2016

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