Stray dogs given shelter from snowstorm in Turkey

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Stray Dogs Given Shelter During Winter Storm

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Some people in Istanbul, Turkey, are providing shelter to stray dogs as a snowstorm swept across the area this week, halting flights at the airport.

The Dodo reported that Ali Çelik saw strangers setting out blankets and cardboard for the dogs to sleep on, along with a pile of food, outside of a nearby mall.

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Çelik told The Dodo that the strangers weren't doing the kind act for attention on social media or otherwise.

"The people were there to help the animals, not so that others could see them helping."

Arzu Inan, a store manager of a clothing shop in Istanbul shared photos of a similar gesture on Facebook. She opened up the store to stray pups in the storm.

The dogs seemed to appreciate it. Photos show some dogs curled up and cozy while others are relaxing on their backs.

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