Dog, cat meat banned in Taiwan

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Dog & Cat Meat Banned In Taiwan

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A major cultural shift has happened in Taiwan. The island nation has made the eating of dog and cat meat illegal.

The move happened Tuesday when the country’s lawmakers passed an amendment to its animal protection laws.

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Taiwan's news agency reported that the ban shows that society's norms have changed, meaning that the Taiwanese now see cats and dogs as pets and part of their families.

If found guilty of deliberately causing harm to pets, including death, a person can now be sentenced up to two years in prison and fines ranging from $6,524 to $65,434, the Central News Agency reported.

The sale and consumption of dog and cat meat was also added to the law.

If found guilty of eating or selling either meat from dogs or cats, or eating or selling products containing the meat, people will be fined $1,635 to $8,179, and their names and photos released to the public, CNA reported.

Finally, the law outlaws people leashing a pet and "walking" them from a car or motorcycle, CNN reported.

The consumption of dog meat is still a tradition in many parts of Asia. China has been under fire for its dog meat festival in Yulin. During the annual festival 10,000 dogs are killed and prepared for meals, CNN reported.

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