Cruise ship destroys coral reef

A small cruise ship did irreparable damage to an Indonesian coral reef that was listed on the world's most beautiful reefs and now the captain of the ship could be charged with its destruction.

The Caledonian Sky destroyed nearly 140,000 square feet of the underwater reef, CNN reported.

Noble Caledonia, the company that owns the ship, apologized, but only said that the ship ran aground earlier this month, BBC reported.

The company said it will help in the reef's regeneration by creating a fund to help the local economy impacted by the reef's destruction and to help pay for repairs to the coral.

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The ship was undamaged and was refloated after running aground, the BBC reported.

CNN reported that insurance may pay for some of the environment damage, the Indonesian authorities said that the captain committed a crime and could be sent to prison.

Reefs are becoming endangered due to environmental changes.

A recent aerial survey of the Great Barrier Reef showed coral bleaching for the second year. It indicates that the water temperatures are too warm for coral to survive.

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