Chinese man jumps into panda habitat to impress friends

How does a young guy impress women?

Well, certainly not by climbing into a giant panda habitat at the zoo. But that's what a 20-year-old Chinese man did, and fortunately for him, he made a lucky escape after the panda grabbed him and knocked him to the ground., quoting the South China Morning Post, said the man was trying to impress his two female companions when he visited in the Nanchang Zoo on Oct. 27.
The incident was captured on video and posted online by another tourist, Jiangxi Television reported.

The zoo manager said in a report that the man was lucky that Mei Ling, a 12-year-old male giant panda weighing nearly 265 pounds, was playful at the time or the man might have been seriously hurt.
Giant pandas might appear cute and timid, but they could turn dangerous if agitated and cause serious injuries with their jaws and sharp claws, the manager said.
According to the report, the man scaled a fence and jumped across a 9-foot ditch to reach the panda. The animal appeared to be asleep but when the man tried to touch its head, the panda jumped up and grabbed his legs, knocking him down.
After about a minute, the panda loosened its grip and the man managed to escape unharmed.

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