Woman tells police she was held against her will at Miami fraternity house

An Oxford police officer was called to take a report of unlawful restraint of a woman who said she and friends had gone to a fraternity house on Tallawanda Road early on Aug. 21 where a male forced her inside and held her against her will until she escaped, according to a police report. The report was made at 1:14 a.m.

The victim said she had gone there with friends to meet the brother of one of them. They were talking to a couple guys outside the house when one of them asked if it was okay to split them up. She said he grabbed her arm and pulled her into the house and upstairs into a room, where he closed the door and threw her onto a bed. She said he began holding her down and kissing her. She said she told him no and said her friends were on the way because they were getting some food. She attempted to text a friend but he yanked her phone away and then locked the deadbolt.

She told the officer the male was holding her down by the waist and would not let her get up. Her friend called to her and she was finally able to get free of him and sprinted down the stairs where she saw another male playing pool. She asked the way out and he pointed.

When she got outside, she said, the male who had taken her inside caught to her and said, “I got this one,” and grabbed her, saying they were going back inside to continue. She said she pushed him aside and went with her friends.

He had been watching from the door and approached her again, saying, “So we are going to continue this, right?” She pulled away but as the women were getting ready to leave, he tried again.

The male was described as a white male, 5′7″ or 5′8″ with blond shoulder-length “surfer-like” hair.

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