Woman shot to death after 2 men on bikes encircle her car at Houston gas station

UPDATE: The Houston Police Department have announced the arrests of two suspects in the deadly attempted carjacking. Jermia Guillory, 20, and D'Marquis Boone, 24, were arrested Thursday, police said.

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A 30-year-old woman is dead after being shot in an attempted carjacking in southwest Houston, police said.

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The shooting occurred outside a Valero at about 11:30 p.m. Monday night as the woman waited inside a BMW.

Authorities identified the victim as Kiesha Price.

Surveillance footage from cameras outside the gas station shows the struggle leading up to Price’s death at the hands of two young men.

Price sat alone in the passenger seat of the BMW as her boyfriend and his uncle entered the gas station.

Two suspects rode up to the car on BMX bicycles, then entered the vehicle through both the driver and passenger sides.

Police believe the suspects were attempting to hijack the car, but Price resisted.

One of the suspects fired a bullet into the victim, who did not survive.

Both suspects fled the scene without the vehicle. An anonymous witness told police that he only heard one gunshot.

"I only heard one -- that's all it takes for me to know I don't need to be around," the witness told KHOU. "They took off quick, but I took off quick too, because I had to get away. I ain't trying to get shot by nobody."

According to gas station clerk Faisal Kazi, the suspects looked very young, maybe in their late teens.

Kazi witnessed one of the suspects still pointing a gun at the victim after the shot, and he attempted to stop the bleeding as they waited for first responders.

"I didn't know how to react," Kazi told the Houston Chronicle. "I was (a) little scared."

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