Watch this horse play dead on a farm

A Kerens, Texas, couple's horse is pretty good at playing dead.

Mark and Kelley, who have a joint Facebook page, posted videos of their horse Pinto stretched on his back in the grass on their farm, facing upward.

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WFAA reported that the couple recorded the video after an electrician visited the property and told the couple they had a dead horse.

But the couple said Pinto plays dead all the time.

Kelley tosses pieces of a fence and dirt clods from the ground at Pinto in order to get the horse out of his "possum" position.

Although it looks like Pinto may be playing dead, he could just have a funny way of relaxing in the grass.

The couple said that although horses sometimes lay like Pinto does when they are in pain, Pinto is just fine.

"This has been Pinto's behavior for several years," they wrote in a Facebook status. "He's OK."

Watch a video of Pinto's antics below:

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