Voters approve changes to how Middletown conducts business

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Three amendments to the Middletown City Charter have been approved by voters, according to final unofficial results in Butler and Warren counties.

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Voters considered three amendments to the city charter:

1. Removing all references to wards and elections by wards: passing in Butler County (Issue 6) by a vote of 65.24 percent for and 34.76 percent against; and 66.2 percent for and 38.8 percent against in Warren County (Issue 22)

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2. Allowing the city's Annual Report to be kept electronically instead of at library: passing in Butler County (Issue 7) by a vote of 59.1 percent for and 40.9 percent against; and 62.4 percent for and 37.6 percent against in Warren County (Issue 23)

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3. Allowing public notices of legislation or public hearings to be issued on city's website electronically instead of via newspaper publication: passing in Butler County (Issue 8) by a vote of 69.4 percent for and 30.6 percent against; and by a vote of 71 percent for and 29 percent against in Warren County (Issue 24).

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