VIDEO: Man shoots shark with gun, laughs as it bleeds

Yet another disturbing video involving a shark has gone viral.

Late last month, a video surfaced showing a shark being dragged behind a boat driven at high speed. A second video showed people pouring beer over a hammerhead shark's gills.

In the latest video, a man lifts a hammerhead shark caught on a line out of the water, fires two shots into the animal’s gills and then laughs. Like the previous two videos, which also brought mass outrage from social media users, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is investigating the shark-shooting video.

South Florida animal activist Russ Rector told the Miami Herald the person who recorded the video sent it to him, saying he was told the incident happened off Siesta Key in Florida, near Sarasota.

“If you are going to kill a shark, you shoot it in the head,” he told the Herald. “He fired shots into the gill, causing the shark to bleed out and suffocate.”

A spokesman for FWC told WSVN the video was forwarded because of the public outcry from the shark-dragging video. The agency can't confirm identities, the spokesman said.

Under FWC rules, sharks can’t be shot in Florida waters, but they can be shot in federal waters, which are farther from shore. Where the video took place remains unclear.

Read more at the Miami Herald and WSVN.

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