Trooper update: Puppy struck by train in Hamilton ready for adoption

Trooper, a 3-month-old puppy struck by a train in Hamilton earlier this month, is officially ready for adoption, Animal Friends Humane Society announced.

The recent train accident amputated both rear legs and most of his tail. The left eye also damaged by the impact was assessed by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist, who confirmed that it cannot be saved. Vets also performed additional amputations on both rear limbs and tail.

Paw It Forward 4D Foundation has donated a dog wheelchair for which Trooper will be fitted when his sutures come out in several weeks.

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Trooper is going require special care and a patient family, animal society officials said. Anyone who wants to be considered for the adoption should submit an application. The society will be reviewing them to find a family that is destined to be Trooper’s forever home, officials said.

For an application, go to

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