Top 10 streets Hamilton residents want to see repaired with new levy money

City employees have not yet started working on the jigsaw puzzle question of which streets will be repaired in 2021, with help from the money infusion Hamilton will receive from the street-repair levy voters approved this spring.

City residents through Aug. 7 voted on the streets they most would like to see paved in 2021, and the results are in. Some 1,270 residents gave input from all 17 neighborhoods. The 3.9-mill levy will generate about $3.1 million a year, or $31 million across the decade.

Here’s a look at the top 10 streets voted on by residents:

Grand Blvd., 390 votes

Tylersville Road, 110

Sanders Drive, 93

NW Washington Blvd., 89

Cleveland Ave. 78

Corwin Ave., 76

Park Ave., 73

Eaton Ave., 54

Campbell Drive, 47

Springvale Drive, 46

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