The ‘Tiger Effect’: Butler County golf courses expect upswing in rounds after historic Masters win

Tiger Woods’ historic win this past weekend at the Masters is expected to have an impact on golf courses across the country.

It’s known as the “Tiger Effect,” said Fairfield Parks and Recreation Director Tiphanie Howard.

“When Tiger wins, it increases the participation rate of our golf rounds tremendously,” she said, as well as golf rounds at all municipal and local golf courses.

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Woods exploded on the golf scene in 1996 when he turned pro, and rounds of golf jumped at Fairfield’s South Trace 18-hole course. They continued year-over-year increases over the first four-years of his career.

Howard said typically after a Woods win, golf rounds pick up. She expects rounds at the city’s Fairfield Greens South Trace and North Trace, a 9-hole course, will increase.

Credit: File Photo

Credit: File Photo

Woods’ won on Sunday his 15th, and most unlikely, major golf championship taking his fifth Masters Golf Tournament, which takes place annually in April. There are four majors in professional golf.

Up next is the PGA Championship which takes place next month in Farmingdale, New York. Woods finished second in 2018's PGA tournament, his best non-winning performance in a major tournament since finishing second in the 2009 PGA Championship.

“With him being this close to being Jack Nicklaus, people are going to get that golf itch to go play and just to get back into the game,” said Howard.


But the Tiger Effect won’t just impact local golf courses, Howard said. It will also impact the industry as a whole. Networks should expect to see an increase in their viewing numbers as Woods chases Nicklaus’ record.

After the PGA Championship, golf’s other two major championships this year are the U.S. Open in June and The British Open in July.

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