Suspected wolf hybrid just a dog after all DNA test finds

A heartbroken Colorado family whose beloved family dog was confiscated by animal control officials as a suspected wolf hybrid is now celebrating his expected return home.

The Abbato family’s 10-year-old German shepherd mix, Capone, is just a dog after all and not a wolf hybrid, according to a DNA test.

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Owner Tracy Abbato said the test results verified what she’s known all along.

"He doesn't have an ounce of wolf in him," Abbato told KDVR TV.

"I want everyone to know he is not a wolf at all," Abbato said. "We all knew it from the start."

The family adopted the dog from an animal shelter 10 years ago and was told at the time that he was a German shepherd mix.

Capone escaped from their yard on Feb. 24 right into the custody of Animal Control, who refused to allow the dog to return home because of concerns that he looked and acted like a wolf.

The dog is still in custody awaiting a hearing this week.

Abbato said she’s hopeful that Capone could be home again by the end of the week.

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