Storms expected in the morning, week to begin wet and rainy

The April showers haven’t quite let up yet. Today will be rainy, especially in the morning where we will see chances of a thunderstorm before 9 a.m. and chances of showers and a thunderstorm before 11 a.m.

High temperatures today will reach the upper 60s. There is a chance of showers for most of the day, but it will let up and we will see clouds in the evening. Temperatures will drop to the mid 40s.

Tomorrow will be cloudy, with highs reaching the mid 60s. Rain isn’t likely during the day, but overnight there is a chance of showers, especially after 1 a.m. Lows will reach the upper 40s.

The chance of showers will continue into Tuesday, with chances of rain, mainly before 3 p.m. Temperatures will be cooler, reaching highs in the lower 60s and lows in the mid 40s. The evening will be cloudy.

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