Store manager buys shoes for Minnesota boy born with clubfoot

An Under Armour store manager was a hero to a Minnesota boy this week.

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An Under Armour store manager was a hero to a Minnesota boy this week.

An 8-year-old Minnesota boy born with a club foot has a new, comfortable pair of brace-free shoes thanks to the kindness of a store manager, KARE reported.

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Landon Pearson went to an Under Armour store. It was the first time he could buy two shoes that did not need room for corrective equipment. The boy had worn hard casts and braces to correct his clubfoot, and the corrective measures had stunted growth, the television station reported.

Landon's trip to the Under Armour store in Albertville, Minnesota, on Monday was a big occasion, because it was the first time he was looking for two shoes that didn't need room from corrective equipment.

"Being in casts so much kind of stunted the growth of his foot," Landon's mother, Natalie Schuneman, told KARE.

Enter Sean Kelly, store manager at the Under Armour Outlet in Albertville. When asked to measure the boy’s feet, he discovered that one foot was a size 6 while the other was a size 3.

"I was shocked because I thought maybe it was only a shoe size difference," Schuneman told KARE. "Three shoe sizes is kind of a lot, so I cried."

Kelly quickly made an offer.

"I said, 'How about you buy the (size) 3, I'll buy the (size) 6.' He gets to go home with the pair that he wants. Why not make him happy?" Kelly said.

Landon is still happy about it.

"He was a really nice guy," Landon told KARE. "It was really thoughtful to pay for the shoes.

"They're a nice yellow and orange," Landon told the television station. "I like shoes that have color. I saw them up on this giant billboard and I thought that they were pretty cool."

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