Space history can be yours: Neil Armstrong’s personal artifacts — some that went to moon — up for auction

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Many items up for auction went to the moon and back with Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot there.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Thousands of items once owned by Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot on the moon, will soon go up for auction.

Bidding will begin next week on the collection that includes fragments of the Wright brothers’ 1903 flyer taken to the moon and back.

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More than 2,000 items are being offered in the auction.

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The Armstrong Family Collection includes pieces of a wing and propeller from the plane that made the world’s first powered flight and flew again to the moon in July 1969 aboard Apollo 11.

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Items will be sold by Dallas-based Heritage Auctions in a series of sales: November 1-2, 2018; May 9-10, 2019; and November 2019. Items in Part 1 of the Armstrong Family Collection sale can be found at the Heritage Auctions website.

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