Rumpke releases holiday trash collection schedule

For most of the region, Rumpke collection on Thanksgiving Day will happen on schedule, according to the trash hauler.

To make sure trash and recycling collections are not missed, Rumpke officials are reminding customers with Thursday and Friday collections to check the website for delays and place material at the curb the night before their scheduled service.

“Our drivers start their day in the early hours of the morning. With some families traveling for the holidays, not everyone will be setting material at the curb for collection this week, which may allow drivers to collect some stops earlier than normal,” said Molly Yeager, Rumpke spokesperson.

To ensure the timely collection of materials, Yeager said customers should notify the company ahead of time about large items being left at the curb.

“During the holidays, we do typically see a 20-25% increase in the amount of material placed curbside,” she said.

Rumpke offers the following tips for disposing of common holiday items:

  • Disposing of cooking oil and grease? Make sure you follow these steps:
    • Let the oil grease cool and solidify
    • Once cool and solid, scrape the grease and place it in a container that can be thrown away
    • Kitty litter, baking soda, and sand can help speed up the process of solidification for cooking grease.
  • Do not place food waste with your recyclable material.
  • Items such as tin foil and pie pans do not belong in your recycling.
  • Break down cardboard boxes small enough to fit inside recycling containers. If they don’t fit, place broken-down boxes beside recycling carts.

For more information on holiday schedule information, recycling, and trash guidelines, visit

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