Restaurant manager fired a day after telling black patron to leave

A manager of a restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, was fired a day after a black woman posted a video on social media claiming she was discriminated against, the Kansas City Star reported.

“I honestly feel like I was discriminated against and racially profiled,” Xzaviera Vaqua, 37, told the newspaper.

The incident occurred July 19 at Tomfooleries in Kansas City. Two days later, Vaqua posted a video she shot on Facebook. It has had more than 90,000 views.

The restaurant’s manager, who calls himself “Preston” in the clip, was fired July 22, according to co-owner Shelly Bloom.

In the video, Vaqua said she was concerned that she needed to use a credit card before eating.

“I can’t just pay for my food?” she asks, showing manager a stack of cash and offering to pay up front.

“You can pay for it after you eat. We don’t have to use the credit card but we have to secure the tab,” the manager says.

When Vaqua hints that she might be at the restaurant and bar all night, asking when it closes, the manager finally takes the menu.

“You know what,” he says on the video. “We’re done. Go ahead and go.”

Vaqua said Thursday that she was never hostile during her interaction with the manager.

She told the Star she believed the manager was "refusing service to me just because I'm a black woman."

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