Police: Man texts 'LOL' in group text as woman dies from overdose

Washington State teenager allegedly gave an 18-year-old drugs, bragged to his co-workers about sexually assaulting her and then hid her body in a plastic container, according to police.

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Brian Varela, 19, appeared before a judge Wednesday regarding the death of Alyssa Noceda.

According to court documents, over the weekend, Varela hosted a party inside a Lynnwood mobile home where he lives with a friend.

Varela and Noceda allegedly did drugs together, police said. Noceda had snorted a line of crushed Percocet pills, and Varela then gave her a "dab" of liquid THC. She then passed out, police said.

Instead of helping, Noceda, police alleged that Varela took lewd photos of the woman. Then, Varela allegedly sent a group text to his co-workers with photos that showed an unconscious woman. The message with the photos said, "LOL I think she od'd, still breathing."

According to court papers, Varela was "too tired" to take her to the emergency room and went to bed.

Sunday morning, Varela tried to use Noceda's finder to gain access to her phone. When he found it, he created a post on her Snapchat account. The post gave the impression that she had run away from home, which she had a history of doing, according to court documents.

Varela showed his roommate Noceda's body, then went to work to his job at Mukilteo Dairy Queen. He tossed Noceda's phone into a wooded area behind the store, police said.

While at work, he allegedly bragged about the woman dying while they were having sex, court papers say. His co-workers encouraged him to take the woman to the hospital, but he told them he was "too tired."

When Varela got home that night, according to his roommate's statement, he forced Noceda's body into the plastic container. Varela admitted to police that he planned to bury the body.

After seeing information on social media about Noceda being missing, Varela's assistant manager reported the incident to police.

Varela was arrested on investigation of rape, manslaughter and homicide by controlled substance on Tuesday.

During the hearing, the deputy prosecutor said that the reported actions were callous and showed a shocking disregard for human life.

Varela is being held on $500,000 bond. He faces homicide, manslaughter and rape charges.

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