Police: Man aggressive with police after claiming to be Jesus Christ in Butler County


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A report of a suspicious male led Oxford police to confront a male who acted aggressively toward them and claimed to be Jesus Christ and the “Messiah.”

He was carrying a Bible with the name of his “physical body.” He was found to have a warrant for his arrest out of Indiana.

The call to police came at 2:38 a.m. Dec. 9 reporting a suspicious person in the area of Lynn Street. The male in a brown jacket and carrying a Bible had been reported as entering a closed business while a delivery was being made. He reportedly attempted to open the door of another business and then wandered off.

As the officer was responding, he was flagged down by a commercial truck driver who told of a male matching the description standing in front of him on the railroad tracks on Contreras Road. The officer located three males, one of them matching the description of the one being sought, on the parking lot of a business on North Locust Street.

He approached the officer aggressively as he got out of the police cruiser and ignored orders to stop and step back. A second officer was called to the scene and the male acted the same toward him when he arrived. He refused to sit on the ground as ordered and approached the second officer, who grabbed him by the coat and attempted to detain him but he resisted and continued to ignore orders and resisted by kicking and rolling, attempting to escape.

Both officers and the male ended up in a struggle on the ground before the male was subdued with use of a spray. The EMS was called for an evaluation.

He identified himself as Jesus Christ and “the Messiah” refusing to identify himself by any other name. When questioned, he said that was his “physical name” and gave a date of birth for his physical body. He was found to have an outstanding warrant through Switzerland County, Indiana and said he had been using methamphetamine for several days.

He denied treatment by the EMS and was taken to the police department, where he was charged with obstructing official business, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He was taken to the Butler County Jail.

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