Police: Man accused of impersonating Tulsa officer

Credit: Fox23.com

Credit: Fox23.com

Police in Oklahoma arrested a man accused of impersonating an officer and running a con game.

Tulsa Police officials said Barry Lloyd Baker Jr. is a convicted felon, currently on probation after serving multiple prison sentences. Tulsa police said he is well-known for impersonating various types of law enforcement officers.

In February, Baker allegedly had a friend pawn his iPhones at an ecoATM, police said. He is then accused of calling the company, claiming to be a Tulsa police officer, and asking for the phone to be returned because it was stolen from his squad car.

Police said the company agreed to return the phone. Baker gave them his name and listed his address as the Mingo Valley Police Department.

A package later arrived at the department addressed to an Officer Baker. There is no one by that name, police said, so officials opened the package and found the unlocked phone full of photos of Baker.

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