Pizza delivery driver refuses to back down from attacker

Pizza delivery man.
Pizza delivery man.

Credit: Portland Press Herald

Credit: Portland Press Herald

An investigation has begun since a Massachusetts pizza delivery driver was attacked on the job by a would-be robber, but he refused to back down.

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Police sources said they are now investigating at least three robberies that have targeted delivery drivers in the area of Lynn in less than a week.

“I did a stupid thing to fight with a person, because it’s very dangerous,” said the victim, who is not being identified.

The delivery driver said he was able to fight off his attacker with his pizza bag after being threatened with a knife.

“I almost lost my life,” he said. “I almost lost my life because I was fighting for my life.”

The father of two teenagers said the struggle lasted nearly three minutes. He said the man with a knife came at him from behind after he made a delivery in Lynn on Sunday night.

“He tried to stab me and I fight with the back and forth,” he said. “This is the second time in one-and-a-half months. The other time they tried to rob me with a gun.”

On Monday, the next night, a different driver from the same pizza restaurant faced a similar robbery attempt.

Police sources said that a third delivery driver was also targeted this week.

“The city is out of control,” delivery driver Kevin Barry said. “It’s like the wild West out here. It’s not safe for nobody.”

Several delivery drivers now say delivering food is so dangerous that they’re arming themselves.

“I just won’t work this job without a gun in my pocket anymore,” Barry said. “It’s so dangerous.”

“Let’s put it this way,” Justin Kelleher said. “Delivery drivers have their own way of protecting themselves. Some have baseball bats and others carry knives. Others carry other means of protection.”

In the end, the delivery driver who fought off his attacker with his pizza bag was not injured, but he said that if it happens again he would just hand over his money.

Lynn police would not say if this string of robberies are connected.