Oxford police reports: Theft suspect threw pumpkins at Moon Cop-Op store employees

Irate woman’s threat brings police to store

Police were called to the Oxford Speedway at 1:27 p.m. Nov. 26 on a report of an irate female causing a scene. The shift supervisor told responding officers the woman was the significant other of someone who had tried to call off work earlier that day, but had been acting outside of store policy and was fired.

The woman was not identified in the report because no charges had yet been filed.

The store employee said the person who had been fired showed up a short time after the firing, irate, and was told to leave and did so. The uncharged suspect, however, showed up to confront the shift manager and verbally confront him.

She allegedly threatened him and challenged him to come outside with her. She was asked to leave but that seemed to make her even more agitated, according to the report, and she began ridiculing him. At some point, she moved behind the counter and rushed him, allegedly pushing him, at which point he called 911 to have her removed.

While on the phone with dispatch, he said she continued to threaten him and pulled on her waistband, shouting, “I’m a violent felon,” and “You don’t know what I got,” appearing to imply she had a firearm. She never actually stated she had one, however.

She eventually left prior to the arrival of police but allegedly told the shift manager she knew where he worked and where he lived and threatened to beat him.

Unidentified suspect faces robbery charge

A man arrested for robbery and obstructing official business was not able to be identified and was taken to the Butler County Jail on those charges while being listed as a “John Doe.” Police were called to the Moon Co-Op at 4:46 p.m. Nov. 28 and four officers responded to what had initially been referred to as a shoplifting incident.

The man has been reported as throwing rocks and pumpkins at employees and the store front in an effort to injure them so he could escape. He then fled around the building and behind the Kroger store. Two officers went to the store and two others to the Kroger building. A male matching the description of the suspect was seen ducking behind pillars. An officer called to him, saying he wanted to ask a few questions but the male walked away toward the front of the building and then ran across the parking lot. He was soon apprehended and continued to resist when taken into custody.

As officers attempted to get him into a cruiser, he attempted to headbutt one of them. The stolen items were allegedly found on his person and returned to the store. He was taken to the police department and store employees provided statements and receipts for the stolen items.

The statements revealed the man had entered the store and asked about the cost of CBD oil and while an employee was getting that information, he placed seven items in his pocket, including two bottles of Mushroom Mash Tincture valued at $28.99 per bottle and five bottles of Reishi Tincture valued at $9.99 per bottle.

He was recognized as an individual who had been ordered out of the store previously and had been informed he was being trespassed and told to not return.

He was asked to return the bottles but refused and then attempted to leave. They said they got him backed out of the store and he began throwing rocks and pumpkins. One employee was nearly struck by a pumpkin but was pulled out of the way by another.

At the police station, the suspect would not cooperate or provide his information. He was then booked as John Doe, charged and taken to the jail after it was determined his fingerprints and DNA could not be safely obtained.

Damage to Tesla recorded on video

A vandalism report of damage to a vehicle caught on the vehicle’s dashboard camera brought a police officer to the 100 block of North Poplar Street at 1:59 p.m. Nov. 18.

The victim said his 2020 black Tesla Model 3 had been dented on the hood by someone jumping on it and the act was captured on the camera which can record events in close proximity to it. In the video a male can be seen skipping in front of the vehicle and then a second male running up to the vehicle and jumping on the hood but slipping and falling off.

The incident had occurred at approximately 12:55 a.m. Nov. 5.

The officer recognized the second male but did not know the name. He spoke to the manager of a local bar who said the male worked at another bar in town and was identified as Shreyas Peruvemba, 20 and a Miami student.

Peruvemba was contacted at his residence and shown the video of the Tesla being damaged and reportedly said, “I’m gonna be honest, I was probably blacked out. I don’t remember that at all.... I mean it is me, I know it’s me.”

He was issued a summons for criminal mischief. The victim was to obtain a repair estimate for the damage and provide that information to the officer.

Photo assignment proves to be scam

A photographer whose work had been posted on a web site was contacted by someone asking him to do a winter season photo shoot and told he would be paid $2,200 with $700 upfront and $1,500 after the work was completed. He agreed and was told he would receive a check, from which he was to pay the talent agency.

He began contacting the talent agency person he was told to work with and began to plan the photo shoot, booking a meeting room at The Elms hotel. He received a check for $5,000 on Nov. 16 and instructed to deposit it in the bank and take a picture confirming the deposit. He did so on the 18th and then went to the U.S. Post Office, where he used his debit card to purchase $4,100 in money orders with and additional $9 for the purchase $50 to ship them through FedEx to an address in Georgia.

The victim became suspicious on Nov. 19 when he got an e-mail from the original caller saying he was to support a charity called Youth Empowerment and then post on social media that he had made a donation. Later that day, he received a check for $27,800, sent from California.

The officer called two numbers found on the envelope but both had been disconnected.

The victim had called his bank to report the fraud and received a call from someone at the bank while he was with the officer. He was told the check had not yet bounced but probably would on that Monday. She was also unsure if the money order could be stopped.

The officer checked with the Georgia County auditor’s web site for information about the address where the money orders were sent but could not reach anyone. The Gwinnett County police department was asked to make a contact at that address.

The U.S. Postal Inspector Service told the officer to have the victim make a report with them.

OVI charge comes after parking in yard

Police were called to an address on Tallawanda Road Nov. 20 on a report of a car parked in a yard. The officer arrived to find the driver unconscious and the engine running. The car was still in drive and the driver’s foot near the brake pedal. The vehicle was facing east in the grass by Withrow Hall.

The officer began hitting the window in an attempt to rouse the driver, who woke up after several minutes and officers instructed him to put the vehicle in park. After he did so, the officer opened the door and reached in to turn off the engine.

The driver said he was okay and was coming from Miami Preserve. Asked if he knew where he was, he replied, “Uptown Miami.” He was asked to step out of the car and the officer detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. He was asked for his license and turned it over and was identified as a 24-year-old Miami student.

He was asked to submit to a series of standard field sobriety tests and agreed. The three tests produced a total of 16 clues to intoxication. During the course of the tests, he reportedly told the officer, “I went to bed totally fine and wake up to this.”

After the tests, the driver asked where the officer found him and was told inside his vehicle in the grass. He was asked again where he was coming from and replied Hamilton. He was taken to the cruiser and handcuffed for transportation to the police station. In a search, a Dab Pen was found in his pocket with an unknown liquid inside.

He was administered a breath test which produced a 0.039 reading and he then consented to a blood draw. That was done at McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital and the sample sent to the lab for analysis as was the Dab Pen which was holding suspected THC. He was transported to his residence after being given a citation for reasonable control and operating a vehicle intoxicated.

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