TODAY’S MODERATOR: Bloodied on United

It’s not like flying is especially enjoyable anymore anyway, but then — United?

You’ve seen the video by now, of course, of Chicago airport police dragging the man off the plane who refused to give up his seat when United randomly chose four passengers on an overbooked flight — and let’s not even bother to roll our eyes about “overbooked flights,” at this point — to be ejected so United employees could have their seats.

The video shows the man bloodied and shaken by the time he’s dragged back into the airport, to the horror of his fellow passengers. Or rather, his former fellow passengers.

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The next news cycle brought word that United’s CEO, Oscar Munoz, sent a company email congratulating the plane’s crew for handling the whole thing according to “established procedures.” The AP quoted him as writing, ““I deeply regret this situation arose. … I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.”

Begging the question, of course, of just what "flying wrong" might look like.

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