On keeping cursive

Ohio is considering requiring students to learn cursive before it disappears altogether. Your thoughts:

From Carolyn Reams Smith: “Cursive writing is an instrument of thinking — one that has few distractions. Once a student has cursive skill, that great trio — the pen, the hand, and the page—activates the brain and offers opportunities for storytelling, organizing, self-reflecting, and critical thinking. These activities help our students become successful adults because it helps them understand themselves and the world around them. Cursive writing prompts reading. The two tasks are flip sides of the same coin.”

From Suzanne Garcia: “Another reason to keep it—it is just like a fingerprint and can be used (through competent analysis) as a tool to determine if a certain person really did sign a document, or whether or not that document has been forged. From a court of law perspective I would assume the ability to write in cursive should be preserved. Also, it is extremely personal, and a note written from someone in their own handwriting is much more of a please to receive than a ‘typed’ thank you note.”

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