Ohio State named most valuable college football team, UC makes top 100

A new study has found that Ohio State University’s football team is the most valuable college team in the country.

Ohio State's team is valued at $1.5 billion, according to a study conducted by Ryan Brewer, an associate professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus whose findings were published in The Wall Street Journal this week.

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Brewer’s study analyzed how much each team would be worth on the open market if it were sold like a professional sports franchise.

Rounding out the top three teams were the University of Texas at $1.24 billion and Oklahoma at $1 billion. The SEC had the highest average value at $523 million and the Big Ten was second at $416 million, according to the study.

Both Miami University and the University of Cincinnati also made the study’s list of the top 115 most valuable college football teams. UC was ranked No. 77 while Miami University came in at No. 106.

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Below is a full list of the Ohio colleges that were ranked in the study.

1. Ohio State University

77. University of Cincinnati

85. Ohio University

90. University of Akron

93. University of Toledo

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106. Miami University

109. Kent State University

113. Bowling Green State University

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