Ohio State increases budget for redesign of Mirror Lake

Ohio State University is moving ahead with its plans to redesign Mirror Lake on campus.

OSU’s board of trustees on Friday increased the budget for the project by $2.5 million, according to the university.

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The additional funding will come from donations and is for overlooks at Oval Drive and Neil Avenue, among other changes.

The project’s total cost is $8.4 million and will be paid by the university and donors, according to OSU. Construction will take place from August 2017 through July 2018.

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The redesign of Mirror Lake aims to create a more natural and sustainable lake, according to Ohio State. The stone and concrete liner that forms the base of the lake will be removed in for a more “natural design.”

The new Mirror Lake will have more landscaping around its edges and a gradual slope into the lake to make it safer.

The depth of the new Mirror Lake will be about four feet deep and a drain will make it possible to empty the lake in an hour or less, according to the school.

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