Ohio shopper finds black widow spider on broccoli he bought from Kroger

An Ohio shopper found a black widow spider on broccoli he bought at a Kroger store in Maumee, WTOL reported.

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Jacob Vaughn said he discovered the spider while washing off the vegetable before cooking it.

“The spider came out and started waving his hands,” Vaughn told WTOL. “It was pretty obvious he was alive since he was throwing his hands in every direction. He did not seem pleased."

Vaughn used tongs and put the broccoli stalk and the arachnid into a plastic baggie.

His mother, Chandra Vaughn, posted a photo of the spider on Facebook as a "reminder to carefully check produce," WTOL reported.

Chandra Vaughn said her son called Kroger that night to tell them of the incident.

According to a Kroger spokeswoman, an associate at the store was notified Monday. The associate apologized to Vaughn and offered to refund or replace the product.

"Kroger works with growers to ensure we are always providing safe, quality food to our customers,” the spokeswoman told WTOL. “We encourage customers to inspect fresh produce prior to consuming. If customers are not satisfied with their purchase they are welcome to return it for a refund or exchange,"

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