Teen with special needs missing after chatting with stranger on video game

A 19-year-old from North Andover in Massachusetts has been missing for five days, and his mother says he's in danger.

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Ricardo Diaz has special needs, and according to his mother, it was someone he met on PlayStation that might be the reason he’s gone.

“I just want to know that you're okay, please call me. I’m hurting,” Lorena Quezada said in a message she hopes reaches her son.

Quezada said her son had been communicating with one or two people online for the last year.

“This person claims to worship the devil, has multiple personalities and drinks blood,” she said.

After gaining access to her son’s account, Quezada found messages luring him away.

“They were planning this for quite a while to pick him up, all the way from Indiana to here,” she said.

Quezada said some of the messages read in part, "When we move we will block your mother and all the locations and info are false, no one knows where we live, or our real names, we live off the radar."

Now the single mother is just hoping that her son returns home safely.

“We've had a close relationship, I just need to know you're OK. I want you home,” she said.

North Andover police are investigating.

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